Hello travelers on the Noonday Blog Train!  You have been experiencing a pretty fantastic journey this spring, haven't you?!   If this has been a voyage by train, you've truly been living it up in some majestic, bustling cities!  Taking in wondrous sights, soaking in the wisdom of the locals... Today however, you have found yourselves in a sleepy little town called, um...  Nowhere, USA.  ("What the ...?"  "I definitely do not remember purchasing a ticket to come here!")   You all peeked out the window as the train rolled into the station and, for heavens sake, there's not a thing to be seen!!!  Just flat land for miles.  No breathtaking views.  No elaborate maps to various local attractions.  Not even a stinkin' McDonalds.  Because today is the grand opening of this dusty little town station!  Full of naïve enthusiasm, I stand here today with a sketch, a shovel, and a little bit of time, ready to start building this vision that I have in my heart.  Because...

I have come to realize the power of MY STORY. 


Each and every story out there. 

Telling your story has the power to change lives.  If I didn't believe that, then my work with Noonday Collection has all been for nothing.  Everything I do in pursuit of growing my little piece of Noonday is done with the intent of giving a voice to the individuals that are the heartbeat of Noonday - the artisans who handcraft each and every one of our beautiful pieces.  Much more than selling their jewelry, I desire to give these men and women the opportunity to not only have their basic needs met through a steady income, but to be heard and to be valued.  And I see GREAT value in their voices and stories.  So I must recognize the same value that sharing my own story holds, as different as it may be.   By the way, if you are reading this via 
bex & bestie, and wondering what on earth Noonday Collection is... it is, in a nutshell, a company that seeks to provide economic opportunity to the vulnerable.  We provide a marketplace for artisans in over 13 countries, who would otherwise not have a steady and reliable means to sell their handmade goods.  I love that I am able to offer this opportunity to people- the joy of earning a living through creative expression.  You can shop Noonday Collection and also read more about it 

What is shaping my story right now is the tremendous responsibility I feel to spend my life well.  This is still kind of percolating...brewing...stewing.  I'm not sure what it will end up looking like.  But I do know that it will weave together my strengths and talents as well as my struggles and shortcomings, in a way that only the God of the universe could imagine.   Inspired by Jennie Allen and her book Restless, I want to document here my journey of faith put into action.

My other hope for this space is to give my Bestie and I an outlet for conversations that we deeply wish we had the time to relish in face-to-face fashion- coffee in one hand, hot glue gun in the other (preferably in our pj's with the DMB station on Pandora).  But between full time job/single mom-ness (her) and three kids to wrangle/traveling husband (me)... I'm sure you can imagine that we don't actually get much face-to-face time.  But we do have plenty of thoughts swirling around in our minds that desperately need out!   So, for now, we will settle for connecting here...sharing our struggles, our joys, and what we've been crafting :) And you're invited to listen in, and join the discussion if you ever feel so inclined.

For today though, a GIVEAWAY!  In true grand opening spirit, as well as in celebration of Noonday Collection's spring line launch, I offer up for grabs-

 this lovely bracelet

The Galaxy Wrap is handmade with love in Guatemala, and features "a constellation of glittering glass beads".   Wear it as a wrap bracelet, or as a necklace!  Versatile & oh so beautiful!

Just leave a comment for your chance to win!  Give me your best piece of blogging advice, tell me something you love about Noonday, or just say hello!  I'll let one of my kids draw a winner out of a hat on Saturday, March 22 (prime bribe material for me this week!)

Thanks for visiting!  Be sure to go see Miriam for yesterday's post and giveaway, and Jodie for tomorrow's!  I also hope you will check back here often to see what my Bestie and I are up to!  xoxoxo